Denis Doyle, Resonance

Denis Doyle, BE (Elect), MEng. Sc, PhD (microelectronics)

Denis Doyle, Resonance

For 29 years, Denis has defined and developed major technologies in the Semiconductor Industry. He has run large and complex silicon manufacturing facilities both in Ireland and in the United States, with complex global supply chains. He is a key strategic thinker in defining roadmaps for future technologies. He has played a major role in largescale Mergers and Acquisitions and has led major organizational transformational change projects such as pension reform in Ireland. He has served as a Fellow, Vice President and as the Irish GM of a major US multinational technology company.

Denis has developed a major passion for people development as his career unfolds. He has learnt that any achievement, even in the most technological of fields, requires the ingenuity, collaboration and action of people. Through his experience of M&A, Denis has experienced first-hand that the definition and integration of cultures is the most important factor for future success and he has developed tops-down and bottoms-up workshop programs to assist in this integration.
Helping individuals achieve their potential, while enjoying their journey, is his most rewarding career experience.

Denis’ multifaceted, varied, global career experiences forms the backbone of his consulting and coaching as he resonates and identifies easily with situations individuals, groups and enterprises are experiencing.

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